David and Robin Stearns (Uganda)

David and Robin Stearns have long history in Uganda. 
David's long term dream is to build a guesthouse which is a few miles from Entebbe International airport, with pro-poor or 'fairtrade' tourism in mind. It's almost finished and will cater for independent travellers and business people seeking a reasonably high standard of comfort and service for which they will happily pay. This will provide excellent training and employment opportunities for local people.

Robin has been involved in care and rehabilitation of malnourished children in Uganda for many years. Her organisation has moved away from a residential model to an entirely community based program. Supporting care givers in family settings to rehabilitate vulnerable children through good nutritional practice, has increased the reach of her work and equipped caregivers to assist neighbours facing similar issues. 

They have care of children of their own, Rayah, Sarah and Talia Eve all bring them the normal joys and challenges of multi-cultural families.