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About Us

Find out more about our church, the leadership team, and how to find us.


All you need to know about our Sunday worship.

Home Groups

We have lots of different small groups meeting across Medway. Find out how you can get involved.

We're delighted to welcome Lin Button to lead a day conference on healing prayer on Saturday 4 October. (click image for more)

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What's on
09:00 Thursday 28 August, Silverweed Road
The Net - cafe open
The Net, a community facility at the Weedswood shops, Silverweed Road, is open this morning for tea, coffee, cakes, prayer, and conversation
09:30 Sunday 31 August, church
Holy Communion
Join us for an hour of worship, teaching, prayer and communion. / All welcome (note though children's groups are with the 11am service) / Refreshments in the church afterwards
11:00 Sunday 31 August, church
All Age Communion
Schools and Uni's restart soon, so this Sunday if you give or receive education of any kind at any level then please bring your backpack, rucksack, school bag, book bag, tote bag etc or some other thing which you take with you from home to school/ uni / nursery to church with you. We like to bless the carriers ... Please also bring school things inside your bag (books / rulers / pencils / pens etc). / Come EARLY for refreshments - tea /coffee / cakes from 10:30am.
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